Our daycare includes either drop off for the hour or for as long as you need.  We have anytime drop off and anytime pick up!  We appeal to everyone for all your needs!
Our qualified dog walker comes to your house, takes your pup or pups out for a walk around the neighbourbood.

Time starts once the walker shows up :)

Looking to have a party

Pup Birthday Parties, Human birthday parties, Group gatherings, mini trade shows, and more

Services in the comfort of your own home
Online classes you can purchase through Furbaby Pet Care.
Full products and services available for rent
Let you pup have Staycation when you need to be away overnight, whether it's for one night or or more! 
Service length is dependent on the needs of the dog.  Our Certified Canine Massage Therapist will determine the areas that need the most attention, how deep or intense the pressure should be and how long your pup's session should be based on the feedback they are giving in the session.  Average length is 1 hour.
Pet First Aid, CPR and Pet Safety classes, taught by certified Pet Tech (TM) instructor, Jocelyn Davey-Hawreluik.